Friday, April 17, 2009

Thanks so Much

Thanks to all of you who voted for the new name for our blog.  Kisses and Kurls was the favorite and as you can see we have changed the name above.  Have a wonderful Spring!

A Cough Free Night

With the crazy weather going from cold to hot and from hot to cold, we have been sick almost constantly this spring!  So we haven't had a chance to do a new style- but I thought I'd share this little home remedy.  
One of our friends had put Vick's Vapo Rub on the bottom of her feet and then put on socks and did not cough anymore that night.  Our whole family has used this at different times- Savannah used this remedy last night and it is amazing how the coughs just stop!  The only caution is that you can't use this on children under 2.  Anyway, hope that if any of the rest of you are having as tough a time as we are this month that this will bring you a bit of relief!  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Double Puff Braids to the Side

The picture above is from the first time I did this...the parts were waayyy off.  So, I did it another day and made sure the parts were correct (below)
Start by making a triangle part at the front of the head.
Then rubber band it, and be sure to pull tight.
Somehow I missed the next step in pictures, but you would continue the part from one side of the triangle down to the ear.  Rubber band it- adding the first little ponytail into that second one. Be sure to tighten all of the ponytails.
Now continue the part from the other side of the triangle down to the side of the head.  (this is getting confusing- hope the pictures help- it's really not that hard.
You rubber band that section and tighten the pony- see the picture below for a better view...
Then continue the part down until the bottom would be even with the other ponytail.  Combine the smaller pony above that and you have two puff braids on one side.
Then continue that part to make the pigtails.  I had to really spray her hair a lot to get this final part.
Gather both puff braids and the hair on that side of the part into one pigtail.
Take the remainder of the hair and pigtail it!

And voila you have an adorable new 'do for your little darling- have fun!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Updo (French Twist)

This is a true french twist- honestly this hairstyle is a bit mature for my 3 year old, but would be very cute on a tween or even a mommy!
 Comb the wet hair straight back and hold as if you are going to do a low ponytail...then begin to twist it around and start twisting it upward. 
I had a little trouble getting a clear picture, but if you just play with your dd's hair- you'll figure it out most likely.  Once you have it twisted tightly as seen below- start at the bottom and begin to secure well with bobby pins.  (I found small ones in a travel tin at Sallys- they are perfect for Savannah's hair!)
Once you reach the top, you have the option of tucking the remaining hair into the twist...I've done this on Wed. nights when I'm in a rush for church & have dirty hair- it's a great quickie do once you master it.

We had started with pomeade and curl sculpting gel..then we curled, fluffed, and sprayed.

You may notice I had to redo her twist and make it a lot higher since Savannah's hair is shorter.  This way we had something to curl!

Isn't she gorgeous??? Enjoy- I hope this is helpful!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puff Braid Piggies

Okay, here we go...take one small section from the part down to the hairline. Rubberband that ponytail.
Then split that ponytail into two sections...combine the top section with the upper half of the next section.  Then add the bottom section to the lower half of the next section- like so....
Then we braid those sections...

Next pull the two braids on the left and combine them with the hair hanging down on the right side of the part--see?

here you could do a pull thru into a messy bun- but we decided instead that today we would pull those pigtails all the way through and curl them...(here's how it looked with messy buns)

But we added some rollers to those pigtails.  Since we live in Las Vegas and due to the dry heat- these curlers can be a great solution.

Here's the finished product- sorry the pictures are bad- the day kind of got away from me.  And you'll notice that I had to take the curlers out a little early so the piggies are not as curled as usual.

Braids crossed into Pigtails

This one is too easy-- you part the hair in the middle and then braid those two sections and secure with rubber bands.  Then finish the part and gather the rest of the hair into the two pigtails.  Curl and add ribbons, flowers, or bows.  

Four Pull Thrus to Criss-Cross Piggies

This is one of my favorite hairdos now.  You make a center part and then you split the two sections into two- making four even sections.  Then you do a pull-thru with each one or a pony flip.  Then braid each ponytail.
Once you put a rubberband at the end of each braid, you pull the braids to the center where you will put a rubberband around all four and then secure this to the crown of the head.  And of course, you can add some great curls to complete it!  How adorable!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Great Site for Bows

Here ya' go...another fabulous site for bows and ribbon sculpting!  There's instructions on how to do all of them and some neat craft ideas as well.  Oh I can't wait to do some of these- hope you enjoy them to.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Puff Braid on the Side

I loved this hairstyle- especially since it covers up the little sprigs of hair that stick up on her crown. (Her brother just cut some of her hair up there)  With this style those little hairs are gathered underneath and pulled back with the longer hair!  Yeah!

St. Patricks Day 'Do copied from

OK so here's my best attempt...this was a toughie since I am still a novice and since Savannah's hair is so short!  But we did our best and had a lot of fun working on it!  Thanks a lot, Mindy!  (To see the original and lots of other great ideas- click on the title above!

Pooh Bear Hair

Could it be??? My own creation?  Don't laugh- I know it is simple and probably has been done a zillion times, but the other day Savannah asked for "Pooh Bear" Hair- and I am pretty proud of these two pigtails not pulled all the way through!  Then I wrapped the ends that were sticking out around the rubber band and secured them with bobby pins.  They do look like little ears, don't they?