Sunday, April 5, 2009

Double Puff Braids to the Side

The picture above is from the first time I did this...the parts were waayyy off.  So, I did it another day and made sure the parts were correct (below)
Start by making a triangle part at the front of the head.
Then rubber band it, and be sure to pull tight.
Somehow I missed the next step in pictures, but you would continue the part from one side of the triangle down to the ear.  Rubber band it- adding the first little ponytail into that second one. Be sure to tighten all of the ponytails.
Now continue the part from the other side of the triangle down to the side of the head.  (this is getting confusing- hope the pictures help- it's really not that hard.
You rubber band that section and tighten the pony- see the picture below for a better view...
Then continue the part down until the bottom would be even with the other ponytail.  Combine the smaller pony above that and you have two puff braids on one side.
Then continue that part to make the pigtails.  I had to really spray her hair a lot to get this final part.
Gather both puff braids and the hair on that side of the part into one pigtail.
Take the remainder of the hair and pigtail it!

And voila you have an adorable new 'do for your little darling- have fun!

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